About the ARIIX Infinity Team

We are a global community passionate about helping those with a desire to get more out of life but may not have the proper vehicle, mentor, or environment to get there.

Our Vision & Mission

To become the best branded, multilingual team in ARIIX by…

  • Providing our members with the latest, duplicatable online marketing tools.
  • Providing our members with a simple, yet cutting-edge turnkey online marketing system so they will have maximum leverage with no required technical know-how.
  • Providing our members with Hybrid Income System™ and Hybrid Networker University™ 8-figure coaching and training.
  • Creating a diverse community focused on the ARIIX vision to help each other generate passive income, time freedom, and unleash our potentials.

Our Story

ARIIX Infinity Team Leadership

During the holiday season of 2012, three entrepreneurs with completely different backgrounds got linked up by chance through the power of the internet to start a movement.

  • One is a broke college graduate turned Gen Y network marketing leader that has built organizations grossing over a million dollars in sales.
  • The second is former small-business consultant turned internet marketing coach after being laid off and cashed in his life’s savings to get mentored by 8-figure internet marketers.
  • The third is a former high school math teacher turned award-winning 8-figure real estate investment broker and wealth creation coach.

Starting a Movement To Stop The Ridiculously High Failure Rates of Network Marketers

ARIIX Infinity Team Strategy

Why did they want to start a movement?

Because they saw an epidemic of network marketers fail because they thought the “3-foot rule” and driving hundreds of miles each month chasing friends and family members to attend meetings, or begging them to buy products/services was the best way to build their business.

Because they saw an epidemic of network marketers try to teach internet marketing to their reps but end up making them confused, frustrated, and wasting time and money on overpriced, non-duplicatable tools.

Because they saw an epidemic of network marketing leaders making an obscene amount of money from their downlines on the sales of training tools, fees, or third party products and services.

Focused on being the catalyst for change, these individuals made radical decisions to create an organization they hope can be a role model in ARIIX and the entire direct sales industry. Two turned away 6-figure career offers and sacrificed substantial family time. One even came back from retirement to give back to our community.

They chose ARIIX as a partner because it offered a realistic opportunity for everyone to achieve infinite possibilities regardless of family background and economic status. Moreover, ARIIX offers its Independent Representatives with a patented compensation plan second to none and truly protects them with a Member’s Bill of Rights.

And so the ARIIX Infinity Team was born in 2013. With a vision to provide the best duplicatable online marketing tools and support systems to its members so that even those with no technical know-how can leverage the power of the internet, the ARIIX Infinity Team aspires to be one of the best branded and fastest growing global elite marketing organizations in ARIIX.

As a testament to this exciting movement, the ARIIX Infinity Team has already expanded into five countries with established leadership and support systems–U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, and Taiwan–during its pre-launch period at the end of 2012 and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing global teams in ARIIX.

We look forward to having you be part of our growing global family so we can each other unleash our potential!