Why The Ariix Infinity Team is Positioned to Explode Ariix

Ariix is by far and away the best network marketing company on the street today.

It will remain so into the forseeable future.

My family and I got our start almost 10 years ago in the giant that is the Amway corporation, and although we’re tremendously grateful for the leadership skills and opportunity presented there it wasn’t the same as building Ariix is today.

Whether you know it or not there is a tremendous amount of skepticism in the network marketing profession, more for bigger companies that have been around longer than for companies like Ariix that are only 5 years old.

You might be saying to yourself, why did you leave Amway?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. We were grinding it out every day and they way we were building our business at the time didn’t align with how we envisioned network marketing to actually be.

We were sprinkled with the lure of residual income, building a business once and retiring, but never really saw any truth to that.

The honest truth is we weren’t really ready for the industry, period, regardless of what company it might have been.

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