Why Work With Us?

Learn why ARIIX Infinity Team is best positioned to help you build an online and offline marketing organization with the latest, proven, turnkey marketing tools, techniques, and systems created just for you.

7 Reasons Why You Will Have An Unfair Advantage

We do not have a "magic bullet" that will help you achieve automatic success in your ARIIX business and we will not build your business for you. However, we have taken the initiative to integrate these 7 Secret Ingredients for MLM Success into our global network and created a cutting-edge marketing and training system second-to-none so that our members can have an extremely unfair advantage when building their ARIIX businesses as long as they are willing to put in persistent and consistent effort!

7. COMPANY: Capitalize on the best ground floor MLM opportunity before it hits momentum.

  • Do Not Miss Out: At 18-months old (as of Januaury 2013), ARIIX has already generated over $32 Million Dollars in sales, making it the fastest launching MLM company in the entire history of direct sales. In 2015, we are approaching $100 Million Dollar in sales and is the youngest company in DSN North America Top 50 and DSN Global Top 100. Get in before it hits momentum so your business can grow faster with the excitement!
  • Seamless Compensation Plan in 15+ Global Markets: Most ground floor MLMs are opened in only one or two markets. Capitalize on our aggressive global expansion to ensure your business has no limits!
  • 50% Payout Patent-Pending Compensation Plan: Enjoy one of the highest paying compensation plans in the industry that features 50% payout on every dollar in sales and a 50% permanent matching bonus 7-generations deep.
  • Build With Legends: Join forces with business legends Tim Sales and Robert G. Allen to have instant credibility among your prospects.
  • Be part of the Top 20 MLM Opportunity for 2012-2013 (BetterBusinessForHome.org).


6. TRENDS: Market unique, patented, consumable, category-creating products. Never worry about product life cycles.

  • Genius Product Strategy: Each product line will have its own branding with no mention of ARIIX.  This ensures product life cycles will never affect the image of your opportunity and makes it easy for ARIIX to offer new trending products in the future so that you will never have to worry about your business slowing down. Make ARIIX the last company you will ever have to join!
  • Unbeatable Prices: Products that have close competitors are at least 30% lower in price and guaranteed higher in quality, making it easier for you to sell.
  • Unbeatable Quality: Products are organic, GMO-free, non-toxic, and/or certified drug free for elite athletes and Olympians by Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to give your customers confidence.
  • Unbeatable Manufacturing: Manufacturing has the highest certifications possible to give your customers confidence: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Over the Counter (OTC), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and NSF. All products are 100% potency guaranteed.


5. SYSTEMS & TOOLS: Use the best marketing tools never seen before in the industry.

Using the latest, proven online and offline lead generation tools and techniques, we have developed an easy-to-duplicate, turnkey online and offline marketing system to be used along with legendary the Business Orientation System (B.O.S.) developed by #1 MLM Trainer and ARIIX’s Master Distributor Tim Sales. Our Hybrid Income System™ is a complete all-in-one solution developed to help our members generate traffic, capture leads, present, and follow up with their prospects. This includes  an easy-to-use SEO and social media optimized blogging system built for you so that you do not need to buy or learn web site and blog generation software.


4. TRAINING: Use an online training platform developed exclusively for our team.

  • Hybrid Networker University™Use our exclusive online business school platform  to learn the latest marketing and personal growth training from our experts and top income earners. Developed to work seamlessly with our Hybrid Income System™.
  • Learn From Your Home or Smartphone: Trainings provided in video, audio, and text for your convenience. Live trainings available via webinars or conference calls.
  • Internet Marketing Training for Beginners and Advanced Users: Topics include copywriting, squeeze page and lead capture techniques, blogging, online branding, Facebook and social media marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, and much more…


3. TEAM: Be part of a talented, multilingual, global community.

  • Multilingual Leadership: Take advantage of diverse markets. English, Spanish, Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese? No problem, we got you covered!
  • Global Leadership: We have leaders around the world to help your out-of-country prospects build locally.
  • Experts From All Professions: We have reps from diverse professions to help you find answers quickly or relate to your prospects. Web designers and developers, single moms, blue collar workers, Gen X and Gen Y reps, college students, engineers, real estate brokers and agents, hedge fund managers, internet marketers, pharmacists, health professionals, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Corporate America executives and rat-race escape-artists? We got them all in our team!


2. MENTORS: Get mentored by veterans that are personally trained by industry icons.

Be part of our mastermind inner-circle led by passionate, MLM veterans with over 50 years of combined experience.

1. YOU do not have to do any of the hard work because we already did it for you.

Putting together our marketing systems, tools, and training platforms took our web developer over 18-months, thousands of hours and of programming and beta-testing, and over thousands of dollars worth of software to complete. The marketing training we provide our members, especially the online marketing training courses, usually run for a minimum of $5,000 per course. If you aspire to be a professional internet marketer, you would most likely have to spend tens of thousands of dollars enrolling in programs offered by internet marketing gurus. How do we know this? Because we actually have an 8-Figure internet marketer on our team and that’s the amount he charges for his classes. As a member of ARIIX Infinity Team, the cost for you to access all of the tools, systems, trainings and resources is to become an active ARIIX Independent Representative. Simply activate your business by purchasing a minimum of $200 worth of products and use a minimum of $100 of products each month to qualify for all the ways to earn income in the ARIIX compensation plan. It can’t get any easier than that!

Interested in working with our team? Simply drop us a line or send us a message.